What’s the best season in France? If you follow the song, “I love Paris,” you’ll have to flip coins to decide. Even during the cold months of winter, France rains romance, whether it is catching the shimmer of drops through flickering lights on a walk along the West Bank or toasting to a warm, dry and welcoming meal infused with black truffles and contraband cheese in a hidden country cottage. All is delicious in France.
If you visit France in the summer, you will spend long days in gentle meadows fed by creeks and rivers, perhaps sharing a 2010 Chateau Margaux with friends as white butterflies light and then fly away. You may visit the chateaux of the Loire or the countryside of Bordeaux in leisurely jaunts and wonder how you say “happiness” in French.

France is small, manageable with excellent roads and high speed trains that run on time, no matter what famous landmarks or cities you want to visit in France, and no matter what the season. Days of shopping in Paris are complemented by days of art in Arles or wandering the historic beaches of Normandy. What is France known for? Beauty wherever you put your eye; culture as deep as you can dig; the good life, as much as you can take, and, well, all the extra, je ne said quoi you can create.


A vacation in Courchevel tucked into the peaks and hamlets of the French Alps means a chalet with access to the Les Trois Vallées, the largest linked system of ski areas in the world. It is also entrée into a world of glamour among the glitterati with the highest concentration of five-star establishments and Michelin-starred menus outside of Paris.



For those who like to dine in Michelin-starred restaurants following a day of skiing or hiking in the shadows of Mount Blanc, Megève is the ultimate ticket. Combine the comforts of an idyllic medieval mountain village with endless groomed snow trails, 116 lifts and cables accessing 219 slopes for some 279 miles of natural playground space.

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