Among the world’s easiest and most accessible destinations for a chic luxury villa vacation is Mexico. Villas in Mexico run the gamut from palatial estates on the beach to colorful pieds-a-terre in town to elaborate mansions and haciendas with poetic histories.
The living is easy no matter the destination in Mexico, always a mélange of neon hues rising from the sands. A swirl of folk art wraps the walls of houses in Mexico, with the cuisine, the boutiques, and magnificent tales baked in the DNA of bustling towns and villages.

It is no wonder that Mexico is the chosen getaway for CEOs and celebrities trying sneak out if only for a weekend. But for families, friends, couples that want to winter in a sunny wonderland or summer along the surf, there are villas in Cabos and beach estates in Punta Mita that are ready to oblige. Never more than three hours from the U.S. mainland, the best places to visit in Mexico bring compeling mixtures of the old and new. Investments in road systems and safe transportation has made the country unstoppable for tourism but spending relaxed and unstructured time in Mexico allows magic to happen. There are galleries to explore, world-class museums to wander, amazing artworks to see, cuisine to experience (did you know Mexican cuisine attained status by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity?), and a panoply of cultures to get to know. And always, at the end of the day, retreat to a private mansion in Mexico, whether a tony villa or a stunning beach spread, is an easy reminder that some things that are easy are worth doing.


Why Choose a Villa in Los Cabos, Mexico? Cabo San Lucas never goes out of style. The area on the bottom tip of Baja has been attracting Hollywood celebrities and West Coast glitterati since the 1970s when the first of a long line of in-demand beach resorts first opened with the Hotel Bajo Colorado along what is now considered the Tourist Corridor.



A safe vacation in Mexico means not only privacy and ample social distancing in a spot far from city crowds and tourists, it also means the peace of mind that a well-guarded gated community brings when safety is at top of mind. A vacation in Mexico is sweetly enhanced when it is an eight- or nine-room Mexico beach villa with a view of the Bay of Banderas, plenty of dedicated service and the sumptuous amenities that come with lodging in an exclusive resort community.

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